The A4Q Practical Tester powered by AI

Transition from knowledge-based to competency-based learning and certification.

Transform Testing Knowledge into Practical Skills

The A4Q Practical Tester application is designed for a seamless, student-focused learning experience. Its intuitive interface and expert AI guidance bridge the critical gap between theoretical knowledge and the hands-on application of essential testing techniques. Enhance your skillset and gain the proficiency valued by training providers and employers.

  • Practice Core Testing Techniques

Core testing techniques form the foundation of effective quality assurance. The app provides guided scenarios that let you apply concepts like boundary value analysis and equivalence partitioning.

  • Comprehensive Feedback Mechanisms

Detailed feedback pinpoints areas for improvement and explains the reasoning behind correct answers. Recommendations address the answers, providing customized advice to develop your testing approach.

  • Measurement of Accuracy

Accurate scoring gives you a clear baseline and demonstrates progress over time. By seeing where you excel and where you struggle, you can prioritize which techniques need further refinement.

Bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical skills

The A4Q Practical Tester is a revolutionary AI-based solution to developing and embedding software testing skills:

  • The powerful AI-driven A4Q Practical Tester application accelerates learning with real-world scenarios and comprehensive feedback mechanisms.
  • The A4Q Practical Tester certification exam uniquely validates your know-how and verifies your practical ability.
  • The scheme has a practical approach by moving from multiple-choice to open-text exams.

Master in-demand practical testing skills

The software testing industry requires more than just textbook knowledge. The A4Q Practical Tester leverages the power of AI and expertly curated content to offer a comprehensive and practical learning experience. The interactive modules, hands-on exercises, and dynamic feedback will deepen your understanding, enabling you to apply core testing principles and techniques confidently.  The A4Q Practical Tester will equip you with the in-demand skills employers need and help you work in software testing.

Showcase your practical know-how

Unlike standard knowledge-based multiple-choice exams, the A4Q Practical Tester exam assesses your competency.  To succeed in the exam, you must correctly apply testing techniques and create test cases, defect reports, and test plans. Holders of the A4Q Practical Tester certification have demonstrated they can utilize their testing knowledge in real-world scenarios. 

Career Development

Whether you are new to testing or an experienced software tester, the A4Q Practical Tester equips you with the practical skills and knowledge that are in high demand by today’s software development teams. It is also ideal for anyone who has already attained a qualification in software testing, including the ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level certification, and who now wants to validate they can practically apply their knowledge.

Boost Your Efficiency and Effectiveness

Learn how to use testing techniques like Equivalence Partitioning and Decision Tables, enabling you to optimize your testing process and achieve thorough test coverage in less time. This will make you an asset to any testing team.

Take Charge of Your Career

The A4Q Practical Tester certification is a globally recognized validation of your expertise, demonstrating to potential employers your commitment to professional development and your ability to excel in a software testing role.

Bridge the Communication Gap

The A4Q Practical Tester program emphasizes the importance of clear and concise communication, a critical skill for collaborating effectively with developers, business analysts, and other stakeholders. You'll be able to effectively communicate testing findings and recommendations, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Become a Testing Pro

Practice core testing techniques and gain the ability to apply them confidently in real-world testing scenarios. You'll be able to identify and troubleshoot software defects efficiently, ensuring the delivery of high-quality software products.

What you will learn

When starting the A4Q Practical Tester, the A4Q team surveyed hundreds of test managers and many training providers on what they expect from a tester certification. The feedback was clear: they all prefer a practical approach for training and exams. The focus should go from knowledge-based to skills- and competence-based training. As a result, the A4Q Practical Tester is structured around practical objectives that span various software testing techniques. They complement the ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level core body of knowledge. You will learn how to:

Testing Techniques

Apply black box testing techniques (Boundary Value Analysis, Equivalence Partitioning, State Transition, and Decision Tables) to create and execute effective test cases efficiently.

Estimation Techniques

Use estimation techniques accurately to enhance the overall efficacy and productivity of the testing process

Identify & Address Issues

Identify and address issues early in the development lifecycle with strategies such as Test Case Prioritization and Acceptance Test-Driven Development.

Create Effective Test Plans

Create an effective test plan that provides a framework and structure that covers the critical components needed by all stakeholders to ensure successful testing.

Features and Benefits of the A4Q Practical Tester

  • An interactive AI learning tool simulates real-world testing scenarios, allowing learners to apply their knowledge in a controlled, supportive environment.
  • Dynamic AI-powered feedback; learners can evaluate their progress and focus their unlimited practice. 
  • Expertly curated practical content is presented in an intuitive, easy-to-use platform, so learners can be confident they are building capabilities based on good practice.
  • Assessment exam validates competence, supports career progression, and levels up testing skills within the organization.
  • Complements the ISTQB® foundation level certification; deepens understanding and reinforces practical application.

Currently, the A4Q Practical Tester App is available only in English.  More languages are planned within the following months.

For Individuals

  • Enhanced understanding with the help of our interactive AI learning tool by applying testing techniques in real-life scenarios will help you effectively apply theoretical concepts in your workplace.
  • Increased efficiency by practicing with real-world scenarios, you will learn to select and use techniques and approaches that will elevate your contribution to your team.
  • Focus your learning to achieve the results that will boost your confidence and support your career development.

For Training providers

  • Follow the trend and extend your portfolio with an in-demand hands-on approach to learning, leveraging AI's benefits.
  • Increase learner engagement and knowledge retention.
  • Deliver high-value training with measurable results through practical skills development.
  • Prepare learners for the testing challenges they'll face on the job.
  • Equip learners with the skills and confidence to transition into Advanced or Specialist training seamlessly.

For Organizations

  • Save money using our AI learning tool and get new testers trained and onboarded more quickly.
  • Prepare learners to become proficient testers who can contribute more effectively in the workplace.
  • Optimize your return on investment in education for testing with a competency-based approach to learning and certification.
  • Upskill and cross-skill within the organization to fill testing skills gaps.
  • Improve testing skills within the organization to deliver high-quality software products.

A4Q Practical Tester: Exam Details

The A4Q Practical Tester certification is aligned with the ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level and the ISTQB® Glossary,  ensuring a solid foundation in testing principles, techniques, and approaches.

Recommended Prerequisites​

The A4Q Practical Tester is closely aligned with the ISTQB® certification scheme and uses the same glossary terms and wording.

To gain the most benefit from the A4Q Practical Tester, the ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL) certification is highly recommended. However, holding the ISTQB® CTFL is not a prerequisite for passing the A4Q Practical Tester exam. 

Exam Structure

The A4Q Practical Tester certification exam is based on the A4Q Practical Tester syllabus. Candidates are assessed against the “Practical Objectives” and must demonstrate their ability to effectively and accurately apply techniques and approaches. The assessment format is open text (the exam does not include multiple choice questions); Assessors will look for comprehensive and complete responses that align with the syllabus.

Please find the exam structure here: A4Q Practical Tester Exam Structure

It explains how the questions are spread per Practical Objective and how the result is created.

Exam Preperation

The A4Q Practical Tester app is a powerful learning tool supporting exam preparation.
Candidates can also participate in an instructor-led A4Q Practical Tester training course, where they are guided through the syllabus using the learning tool to reinforce their skills development.

The exam for the A4Q Practical Tester is available at:

If you have any further questions regarding the A4Q Practical Tester scheme, please feel free to contact us.

Exam Details

Duration: 60 minutes  (25% Extra time for non-native speakers)

Pass Score: 65%

Number of Exam Questions: 15

Language: English

Other than with multiple-choice exams, partial scores are possible in the A4Q Practical Tester exam. This means you cannot only be entirely correct or wrong; it is also possible to achieve partial scores when your answer is partially correct.


The Syllabus can be downloaded here:
English: A4Q Practical Tester

The Alliance for Qualification (A4Q) is the official licensor for the A4Q Practical Tester scheme. If you want to become an accredited training provider, please get in touch with us.

A4Q Practical Tester Partners

The Alliance 4 Qualification has the mission to create globally leading content and certification schemes in an independent environment. Founded by multiple organizations with the aim to work independently from a specific exam / training provider with a focus on lifelong learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQs for Training Providers:
What value will the A4Q Practical Tester AI Learning Tool add to my participants’ training experience?

The powerful AI Learning Tool will help you to train candidates using real-world scenarios with real-time feedback. It offers hands-on experiential training with an extensive number of practice questions ensuring participants can effectively apply testing techniques and approaches.

How long will my participants have access to the Practical Tester training platform?

The access is given for 30 days

What happens if a participant has an issue with the training platform – how quickly can we expect a fix?

A fix will happen within 24 hours during working days. The missed time will be added to the given access.

Do my trainers need any special training/do you offer a “train the trainer” session?

A trainer needs to pass the A4Q Practical Tester exam. There is no “train the trainer” session required. A4Q will offer one train-the-trainer session per quarter which accredited training providers can join.

Is the Practical Tester training platform accredited by ISTQB® or validated?

No. ISTQB® does not accredit training platforms. The Nevertheless, ISTQB® syllabi and glossary were used to train the A4Q Practical Tester AI learning tool and . Furthermore, leading ISTQB® experts helped create the A4Q Practical Tester syllabus and training material and trained the AI.

What fee can I charge my participants to use the Practical Tester training platform?

You are free to charge the fee you want. Some training providers will include the usage in the training price, while others will charge for the tool’s usage.


Must candidates take the A4Q Practical Tester certification exam?

The usage of the tool is not mandated to sit the exam.

Is there a syllabus for A4Q Practical Tester?

Yes. You can download it here.

To access the A4Q Practical Tester training platform and facilitate the examination, must we be accredited as an A4Q training provider?

The A4Q Practical Tester AI learning tool can be accessed using a voucher. Training providers can easily order vouchers from their exam provider or member board. Accredited training providers get a discounted price for using the tool.

Is the Practical Tester training platform available in multiple languages?

Currently, the A4Q Practical Tester AI learning tool is available in English only. However, we plan to offer other languages, such as French, in the second half 2024.

Is the exam available only via remote proctor?

Yes, the exam is available via remote proctoring only.

What are the synergies between A4Q Practical Tester and ISTQB®?

A4Q is very happy that many ISTQB® experts have been and are closely cooperating to create and introduce this new certification scheme.

Does A4Q have plans to extend the platform beyond being complementary to the ISTQB® Foundation Level?

It is planned to add another level on top of the Practical Tester to specialize in specific testing duties.

Can we offer the A4Q Practical Tester and the certification exam without including instructor-led training?

Yes. We nevertheless recommend training before taking the exam.

We would like to add this to our standard ISTQB® CTFL 4.0 course as a value-added day with a trainer – is that possible?

We recommend that A4Q Practical Tester training is 2 days. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended that the ISTQB® CTFL 4 course be combined with the ISTQB’s knowledge and the Practical Tester’s skills and competencies.

How reliable is the AI training tool?

The AI is very reliable but like every tool, it might also have some bugs. That’s also why we do not use AI to make the final decision on the exam. But in our opinion, AI is a perfect and extremely powerful solution to help you learn and train.

Is AI used for the exam marking process?

AI is not used to decide whether a candidate passes or fails. This is always done by a human expert who verifies results.

How do I report bugs in the AI tool?

There is a possibility in the tool to report bugs.

Is there a fee for the training tool?

There is a fee to use the A4Q Practical Tester AI learning tool without training. However, if you order training, many training providers offer the tool free of charge with the training.

How much does the accreditation cost?

The accreditation is free of charge for training providers.

Where can I licence the tool?

You can license the tool with exam providers and ISTQB® member boards.

FAQs for End Users:
Is an ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL) certificate mandatory to obtain the A4Q Practical Tester certificate?

No. We nevertheless recommend holding the ISTQB® CTFL certificate.


How long does it take to get the A4Q Practical Tester exam result?

We will send out the result within one week.

Will my results be verified by an expert?

Yes. An expert always verifies all exam results.